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Monday, 9 July 2012

All Saints Garrison Church (Church of North India) Lucknow - Revisited

Visited the good old Church in Lucknow cantonment again today (9th July 2012). Met Reverend Daniel Subhan at the parsonage. Mrs. Subhan is visiting her Son in USA. It was fabulous meeting him again after few months and got to catch up on the recent activities in the CNI Diocese of Lucknow.

Here are some more pictures of the Church and the Parsonage.

View of the MG Road Crossing Entrance Gate

The Board with Church information at the Main Entrance gate to the Church (on MG Road Crossing), it is hardly used now except on bigger occasions

View of the Church Compound from the MG Road Crossing Entrance Gate

View of Church from the Main Entrance Gate 

View 2 of Church from the Main Entrance Gate

Church Compound leading to the Main Gate (pictures of the gate above) at top right

Church Compound leading to the Second Gate

Cottages in the Church Compound

View of the Church from the Cottages

On this Site Stood the altar of the first Church built in 1860(by side of the new building)

The original Stone which lay here before it broke few years back - its kept in one of the cottages now

Mr. Melando Hansda the current caretaker of the Church standing at the site of the original altar.A part time caretaker I must add - 
He is also a field missionary of a Missionary Society.

Parsonage - 1

Parsonage - 2

Parsonage - 3

Parsonage - 4

Parsonage - 5


  1. Most interesting. My grandparents, he, later a WO1 in the Royal Horse Artillery "U" Battery, were married here somewhere around 1900.

  2. I too find this interesting as my great grandparents were married here in 1886.

  3. Mark Heathcote12 July 2014 at 01:13

    My parents were married here on 28th February 1939! I have a photo of them leaving the church on a gun carriage with six horses and an 18 pdr. gun!

    1. Dear Mr. Mark Heathcote. Thank you for comment it is interesting to know that a picture that old exists with you. It would be very kind if you could share a soft copy of picture with me on my email address: niklucknow@gmail.com. There are many who will be delighted to see the picture.