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Monday, 10 October 2011

All Saints Garrison Church (CNI), Lucknow

Holy Altar

Choir Pews & Presbyter's chair on Left
(the wooden lectern with white Cross is a very recent addition, it is now used instead of the pulpit)
Another view of the choir pews with the Lectern and chair (on right) used by the lay leader
Solid wooden pews (typical to old Anglican churches) with one of the side entrance

The other side entrance

Main entrance (its hardly used now) with a balcony over it

The church ceiling

Side view

Another side view

 Side Corridor with vestry (not visible here) at the left end

Cottages in the church compound

Reverend Daniel Subhan, Presbyter (CNI - Diocese of Lucknow)
A sincere worker in the vineyard of the Lord